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Providing payroll services to businesses of all sizes

All About Businesses is proud to offer a team of dedicated bookkeepers who are here to help you manage the payroll for your business, no matter the size. Whether you employ ten or a hundred employees, we’re here to ensure all your workers are paid the appropriate wage on time. We deal with various payment and payroll options and will take the time to understand your company to find the best option for you. Working with us means having more time to do what you enjoy while we focus on the details. We provide service to the entire Portland Metro area, including Beaverton, Gresham, Hillsboro, Lake Oswego, Newberg, Oregon City, Tigard, Vancouver, Wilsonville, and beyond. Devote your time to your customers while we take care of your books.

Why Choose All About Businesses?

There are many benefits to outsourcing your business’s payroll and other bookkeeping services to a third-party service. With All About Businesses, our experience helps you rest assured the payroll for your businesses is completed accurately. Our team has years of experience working with a variety of payroll systems and is adept at using top payroll software like QuickBooks Payroll. Trusting us to manage regular payroll saves you time, prevents errors that can lead to incorrect paychecks or tax deductions, and ensures your data is secure. With our services, you’ll have an All About Businesses team member who knows your business inside and out and cares about helping you succeed.

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Our Payroll Services

We offer a variety of payroll-related services to guarantee accurate payment and tracking, including:

  • Weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly paycheck furnishing.
  • Calculating accurate deductions, including payroll taxes, withholdings, and benefits.
  • Quarterly or year-end payroll tax reporting.
  • Assistance with filing payroll documents to the government if needed.
  • Flexible service options, including free consultations, one-time payroll set-up, or reoccurring service.

What is a Payroll Report?

A payroll report is a method for viewing tax liabilities and checking financial data for accounting purposes. Reports can include information on pay rates, hours, overtime, taxes withheld, benefit balances (such as paid time off), and more. Payroll reports are an essential part of bookkeeping and can help employers track employee earnings and meet budgets. All About Businesses’ bookkeepers can keep you up to speed with regular reports.

A Stress-Free Process for Any Industry

We’re equipped to handle all types of payments, such as physical paychecks, direct deposits, or other methods on a payment schedule of your choosing. Our bookkeepers will calculate the overall gross amounts and taxes, guaranteeing that everyone receives the amount they are owed. We have experience with certified and prevailing wage payroll, so you can get the help you need, no matter your industry

We handle all types of payments, such as:

  • Print Checks – Physical paper checks that employees deposit or cash themselves. Print checks offer greater flexibility in banking for both the employer and the employee.
  • Direct Deposit – Automatic transfer of wages to an employee’s bank account. Direct deposit is usually quicker and safer than a check.
  • Pay Cards – A card that is pre-loaded with a certain amount of money, usually the wages for the pay period. Pay cards are useful for employees who do not have a bank account.

First-Time Payroll Set-Up

The paperwork associated with starting a new business can be complex and frustrating to navigate. Alongside regular payroll services, All About Businesses can help you get your new business off the ground. Before you pay your first employee, you’ll need government documents and identification, including an employer identification number, business identification number, and tax forms. You’ll also need to choose a pay frequency, purchase workers’ compensation insurance, and decide on the benefits offered. In some cases, opening a separate bank account for payroll can make record-keeping easier. Start your businesses off on the right foot by having our experts review your payroll strategy and assist with other start-up needs, keeping your books clean from the start with methods like setting up accounts payable and accounts receivable systems.

Your Local Business Bookkeeping Specialist

 At All About Businesses, we offer a variety of bookkeeping and accounting services alongside payroll management. We’re available to help answer any questions and can’t wait to set up a specialized plan to help your company succeed. Get ahold of us today, and we’ll get you in contact with one of our bookkeepers, who will listen to your goals and needs. At All About Businesses, we’re here to help you.

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