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Aloha is home to a variety of restaurants, shopping, parks, and much more that bring a sense of community to our corner of Oregon. As a local business in the Aloha, Oregon, area, your passion lies with building your company and engaging with customers, not spending hours organizing your books. If keeping up with bookkeeping and accounting for your Aloha, Oregon business is something you’d rather let others handle or is overwhelming, turn to All About Businesses! We are your local bookkeepers, here to handle your business bookkeeping and accounting needs, including keeping clean, consistent books, making financial recommendations, and making tax season a breeze.

Our experts have experience with diverse businesses, from Aloha’s famous vineyards to contractors, non-profits, restaurants, real estate agencies, and much more. Whether you are just starting or need assistance with your long-running business, we can tackle getting your business’s financials organized. When you work with our experts, you’ll have one of our bookkeeping professionals dedicated to your business on a schedule that works for you. We know every business is unique, so our service is personalized and customer-focused to give you the financial freedom you need! When you need a “bookkeeper near me” in the Aloha area, reach out to All About Businesses!

What We Offer to Aloha Business Owners

Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeeping encompasses the tracking of the financial transactions for your business. Tracking includes recording incoming payments and outgoing expenses and organizing the information into an easily accessible database, such as QuickBooks and other accounting and bookkeeping software. Accurate bookkeeping is the essential foundation for the rest of your company’s financial actions, especially accounting and tax preparation. It can help you get a clearer picture of your finances and is a helpful tool for many operations, such as acquiring loans. All About Businesses can manage your Aloha business’s books, including:

  • Setting up books for a new company
  • Organizing existing books, including QuickBooks organization
  • Recording expenses and purchases (Accounts Payable)
  • Recording income and sales (Accounts Receivable)
  • Categorizing transactions for easier tracking
  • Reconciling financial records with bank statements
  • Preparing invoices
  • Managing payroll

Accounting Services

Accounting refers to the tracking, reporting, and evaluating your business’s financial information. It builds on the information organized during bookkeeping and is a basis for reviewing overall financial performance. Where bookkeeping organizes data, accounting interprets the data and presents it for analysis. The information our team presents is crucial for owners and stakeholders, giving you much-needed insights into how your company’s financials are performing currently and forecasting how it will likely perform in the future. Accounting is a crucial part of making decisions for your business while meeting legal standards and providing structure and clarity to your financial information. The team at All About Businesses provides accounting assistance such as:

  • Tax preparation and planning
  • Auditing of current books
  • Financial predictions
  • Processing income
  • Preparing financial statements and reports
  • Handing deposits
  • Understanding cash flow
  • Notifying you if you aren’t meeting your budget
  • Keeping accurate profit and loss statements
  • Providing profit and loss statements
  • Fully online accounting

Payroll Services

All About Businesses provides payroll services to ensure employees are paid on time and correctly. We record and track what employees are owed, how much is paid, and any paycheck deductions, including ensuring the appropriate payroll taxes or retirement benefits are withheld. Our expertise covers payroll for businesses of all sizes, and we adapt our process to fit your needs. We use the top payroll software, such as QuickBooks payroll, so you can rest easy knowing payroll is handled while you focus on the parts of your business that matter to you. With All About Businesses, payroll is timely, meticulously recorded for financial accounting and taxes, and compliant with local laws.

Our professionals handle payroll options, including:

  • Print checks
  • Direct deposits
  • Pay cards

Tax Preparation Services

We aim to make tax season as painless as possible with a foundation of organized bookkeeping. Tax season can be overwhelming, but All About Businesses can help you plan for filing taxes with financial record management and an understanding of Oregon’s tax laws. We combine well-organized books with our tax knowledge to calculate and report the information you need in order to file, as well as potentially reduce your tax liabilities and act as a resource if your business taxes are audited. Our services include:

  • Organizing receipts
  • Maintaining records
  • Accurately categorizing transactions
  • Tracking expenses
  • Keeping accurate payroll records
  • Gathering documentation for tax preparation
  • Understanding potential tax credits
  • Communicating with your tax professional

Financial Assistance for Your Aloha Business

At All About Businesses, we aim to meet you and your business where you are, because getting financial assistance should be as stress-free as possible. We offer hourly packages for daily, weekly, or custom needs or fixed-rate packages for short-term or special assistance. Members of our team are Quickbooks Certified ProAdvisors, meaning we are always up to date on the latest bookkeeping techniques. We will give you quick and efficient bookkeeping services you can rely on at a cost you can afford and help you understand which bookkeeping and accounting services your business needs.

Contact us online today or give us a call, and we can schedule a free consultation to go over the needs of your business and come up with a quote that works for you.

About Aloha, Oregon

Aloha, Oregon in Washington County, is a charming suburb of Portland. According to the 2010 Census, Aloha had a population of 49,425, but its numbers have been steadily rising. This growth can be attributed to its ideal proximity to Portland, making it an attractive choice for those seeking the best of both worlds. Residents of Aloha enjoy the comfortable suburban feel while relishing easy access to the amenities, culture, and opportunities of the nearby city, further enhancing its appeal as a thriving and evolving community.

Things to Do in Aloha, Oregon

Aloha is technically an unincorporated community, sitting just on the edge of Beaverton. However, it still maintains its own libraries, post offices, and school system.

Aloha, the city isn’t pronounced like the Hawaiian word. Instead, it is pronounced “a-LOW-ah”

Aloha is located on the edge of Beaverton, with just 3.2 miles between their downtowns. Aloha is about 10 miles from Portland.

Driving Directions from Aloha to All About Businesses

Get on US-26 E in Beaverton
1. Head north on SW 185th Ave toward SW Alton St
2. Slight right to merge onto US-26 E toward Portland
Continue to Portland. Take exit 1C from I-405 S
3. Merge onto US-26 E
4. Take exit Salem to merge onto I-405 S
5. Use the right two lanes to take exit 1C for US-26 E
toward 6th Ave/Ross Is. Br
Take SW Barbur Blvd, S Corbett Ave, OR-43 S/S Macadam Ave and SW Sellwood Bridge to your destination
6. Merge onto US-26 W/SW Broadway
7. Continue to follow US-26 W
8. Use the right lane to turn left onto SW Sheridan St
9. Turn right onto SW Barbur Blvd
10. Slight left onto SW Barbur Blvd/Pacific Hwy W
11. Turn left onto SW Hamilton St
12. Turn right onto S Corbett Ave
13. Turn left onto S Richardson Ct
14. Turn right onto OR-43 S/S Macadam Ave
15. Take the Sellwood Bridge exit
16. Use any lane to turn left onto SW Sellwood Bridge
17. Continue onto SE Tacoma St
18. Turn left onto SE 6th Ave
19. Turn left onto SE Spokane St
20. Turn right
21. Turn left
Destination will be on the left

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