Current Bookkeeping Job Openings

Virtual Business Bookkeepers

All About Businesses was founded in 2016. We provide outstanding Full Charge Bookkeeper services in Oregon, Washington, California, and are continuing to grow. We have a dedicated hardworking virtual team that works from home while making All About Businesses professional to their clients.

Full Charge Bookkeeper

We are currently expanding and have a new role to fit with the team. You will be working directly with the Owner to ensure the Client has the best service possible. This role is challenging and dynamic.


We are looking for a natural self-starter requiring little supervision but high accountability.


We need a passionate, talented, & experienced Full Charge Bookkeeper who can juggle many clients and tasks with ease. This role will begin with 15-20 hours per week, with the potential to increase hours up to 40 hours in a relatively short amount of time. We are growing rapidly. This is an exciting time.


We are looking for:

  • A Master at Solving Problems and who also enjoys it
  • Amazing with attention to detail
  • Accountable & Dependable to the Clients and the Owner
  • Trustworthy & Honorable

Must have experience working in 3 out of 5 business industries:

  • Non-Profit
  • Retail
  • Legal
  • Online
  • Construction
  • Restaurant

Required experience in:

  • QuickBooks Desktop & Online (3+years)
  • Full Charge Bookkeeping (5+)
  • Microsoft Excel including Budgets, Formulas, What If, Pivot Tables (3+)
  • Journal Entries (3+)
  • Payroll Processing (3+)
  • Multi State Sales Tax (3+)

This is a Contractor position to start. You may set your own hours. Employment Benefits…Near Future


Pay is $23-24/hour to start.


To apply to this job, please submit your resume and cover letter to


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