Bookkeeping & Accounting Services for Tigard

Tigard is home to a variety of outdoor spaces, retail opportunities, coffee shops, and much more, and as a local business operating in Tigard, you want to focus primarily on engaging with our community. The last thing you want is to spend endless hours managing your financial books. If the demands of bookkeeping and accounting for your Tigard-based business seem overwhelming or are simply better left to the experts, consider All About Businesses your trusted partner. We are your local bookkeeping and accounting specialists, providing comprehensive services that encompass maintaining precise and orderly financial records, offering valuable financial insights, and simplifying tax season for you.

Our seasoned experts have worked across various industries, including the entertainment industry, food industry, real estate industry, and much more. Whether you’re a new business or an established one seeking assistance in streamlining your financials, we’re equipped to handle the task. When you collaborate with our professionals, you’ll have a dedicated bookkeeping expert committed to your business, operating on a schedule that best suits your needs. Recognizing the uniqueness of each business, we tailor our services to ensure you enjoy the financial freedom you deserve. If you’re in search of a “bookkeeper near me” in the Tigard area, don’t hesitate to connect with All About Businesses!

What We Offer to Tigard Business Owners

Bookkeeping Services

Your company’s bookkeeping involves tracking its financial transactions. Keeping books can involve recording incoming payments and outgoing expenses and organizing them into an accessible database like QuickBooks or other accounting and bookkeeping databases. Accounting and tax preparation rely heavily on accurate bookkeeping as it is the foundation for your company’s financial activities. You can use it to gain a better understanding of your finances, as well as to acquire loans. All About Businesses can handle Tigard area bookkeeping needs, such as:

  • Establishing books for the first time
  • Organizing existing books
  • Transferring information to QuickBooks
  • Expenses and purchases recording (Accounts Payable)
  • Income and sales recording (Accounts Receivable)
  • Transaction categorization
  • Financial record reconciling
  • Invoice preparation
  • Payroll management

Accounting Services

Accounting encompasses the intricate process of monitoring, disclosing, and assessing the financial aspects of your business. It takes the foundation laid by meticulous bookkeeping and transforms it into a pivotal tool for assessing the overall financial health of your enterprise. While bookkeeping organizes data, accounting goes a step further, deciphering this data and presenting it in a manner conducive to in-depth analysis. The insights our team delivers are of paramount importance to both owners and stakeholders, offering invaluable perspectives into your company’s current financial performance and its likely trajectory in the future. Accounting plays an indispensable role in guiding your business decisions, ensuring compliance with legal standards, and instilling structure and transparency into your financial records. At All About Businesses, our team stands ready to provide a range of accounting assistance, including:

  • Preparation and planning for taxes
  • Audits for current books
  • Financial predictions
  • Processing and recording income
  • Creating statements and reports
  • Managing deposits
  • Tracking cash flow
  • Keeping you updated on your budget
  • Profit and loss statement preparation
  • Access to online accounting

Payroll Services

At All About Businesses, we offer payroll services to make sure your employees get paid correctly and on time. We keep a record of what your employees should be paid, how much they receive, and any deductions from their paychecks. This includes making sure the right amount of taxes and retirement benefits are taken out. We’re experienced in handling payroll for businesses of all sizes, and we customize our process to suit your specific needs. We use top-notch payroll software like QuickBooks Payroll, so you can relax knowing that your payroll is in good hands while you focus on running the other parts of your business. When you choose All About Businesses for your payroll needs, you can expect timely payments, thorough record-keeping of your finances and taxes, and compliance with local laws.

Our professionals handle payroll styles of all kinds, such as:

  • Print checks
  • Direct deposits
  • Pay cards

Tax Preparation Services

Our goal is to simplify tax season and ease your burden, starting with a solid base of well-organized financial records. Tax time can feel daunting, but All About Businesses is here to assist you in preparing for tax filing by managing your financial records and navigating Oregon’s tax regulations. By blending our expertise in tax matters with organized bookkeeping, we can crunch the numbers and generate the necessary reports for your tax filing, keep an organized system for any documents you need, and potentially finding ways to lower your tax obligations. Additionally, we’re here to provide support and guidance in case your business taxes undergo an audit. Our range of services includes:

  • Record and receipt organization
  • Categorizing transactions
  • Expense tracking
  • Payroll management and tracking
  • Documentation gathering before tax season
  • Finding tax credits
  • Bridging communication between you and your tax professional

Financial Assistance for Your Tigard Business

Here at All About Businesses, our goal is to provide financial assistance that’s stress-free and tailored to your unique needs. We offer flexible options, including hourly packages for daily, weekly, or custom requirements, as well as fixed-rate packages for short-term or specialized assistance. Our team members are certified Quickbooks ProAdvisors, ensuring that we stay current with the latest bookkeeping techniques.

We’re committed to delivering prompt and efficient bookkeeping services that you can trust, all while keeping your costs manageable. We’ll also guide you in understanding the specific bookkeeping and accounting services that best suit your business.

Reach out to us online or by phone today, and we can arrange a complimentary consultation to discuss your business needs. Together, we can create a customized quote that suits your requirements perfectly.

About Tigard, Oregon

Tigard, Oregon, is a vibrant and welcoming city located in the Portland metropolitan area. Known for its beautiful parks, excellent schools, and diverse community, Tigard offers a balanced blend of suburban living and urban conveniences. Residents and visitors alike can enjoy the scenic Tualatin River, explore a variety of shops and restaurants, and participate in a range of community events and outdoor activities. With its friendly atmosphere and proximity to the bustling city of Portland, Tigard is a wonderful place to live, work, and explore in the Pacific Northwest.

Things to Do in Tigard, Oregon

Tigard was named for Wilson McClendon Tigard, who settled the area, and not in honor of the tiger and leopard hybrid. Tigard High School’s mascot, however, is the Tigers.

Tigard, OR has a myriad of shopping opportunities, community events, parks, unique activities and more. It is located just 9.5 miles from Portland and 58 miles from the Coast.

Tigard, OR is a very family-friendly location with a variety of home types and a strong community. Additionally, Tigard is known for having good schools and access to outdoor recreation.

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1. Head southeast on SW Walnut St toward Pacific
Hwy W
Continue on Pacific Hwy W. Take I-5 N to SW Taylors Ferry Rd in Portland. Take exit 295 from I-5 N
2. Turn left onto Pacific Hwy W
3. Turn right at SW 65th Ave
4. Use any lane to merge onto I-5 N via the ramp to Portland
5. Take exit 295 for Taylors Fy Rd
Continue on SW Taylors Ferry Rd to your destination
6. Continue onto SW Taylors Ferry Rd
7. Continue onto S Taylors Ferry Rd
8. Sharp right onto OR-43 S/S Macadam Ave
9. Take the Sellwood Bridge exit
10. Use any lane to turn left onto SW Sellwood Bridge
11. Continue onto SE Tacoma St
12. Turn left onto SE 6th Ave
13. Turn left onto SE Spokane St
14. Turn right
15. Turn left
Destination will be on the left

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