A Bookkeeper’s Guide to Starting a Business

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Starting a new business but don't know where to start with your books? We're here to help! We're pros at helping set up custom financial plans for your new business.

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Launching a new business is exhilarating and exhausting all at the same time. You have your idea solidified, but then what? It’s one thing to launch your services or products and begin business, but completely another to manage what goes on behind the scenes. Not to mention, your new business’ financial recordkeeping needs start before Day One as you pay to register your business and other professional costs. Guaranteeing your new business has its books and accounting needs squared away helps you land on your feet and feel more confident moving forward. All About Businesses is your expert in setting up everything your new business needs to hit the ground running and make sure you’re set up for the future.

Bookkeeping Basics

For many businesses, it’s tough for one person to handle everything. You’re the brain of the operation! You’ve got so many plans and responsibilities on your shoulders that tackling a new and vital business skill — like bookkeeping or your accounting needs — can be daunting enough that you put it off. All About Businesses knows how intimidating the numbers side of the business can be and we’re here to take it off your plate. With us, you’ll get a dedicated bookkeeper who’s available for all your questions and number-crunching needs. Our experts will not only work with you to identify the bookkeeping and accounting services your unique business needs, but will also help set up everything so it’s clear, accurate, and easily understandable.

Our Bookkeeping Services

At All About Businesses, we know that every business is unique and offer tailored systems to meet your business’ specific needs. We’ll help design your systems and process to easily tackle the following needs:

We also offer a variety of more advanced accounting services, including preparing your accounts for quarterly tax filings, constructing financial projections, business analysis, and more.

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Solutions That Fit Your Current & Future Needs

It can be easy to get lost in the dream of what you want your new business to become. However, it’s important to be realistic when it comes to setting everything up and plan for now as well as the future. This includes your bookkeeping! As you walk through your new business’ particulars with the experts at All About Businesses, we’ll help recommend software and tools that will grow with you in the future. With our customized services, we also grow alongside your needs with as many meetings or check-ins as you need.

Contact a Team You Can Trust

All About Businesses is a certified Diamond Level QuickBooks ProAdvisor ready to help you start your new business off on the right foot. Bookkeeping and managing your business’ finances shouldn’t be put off or left on the backburner. Our experts will help guarantee your books and financial needs are squared away and ready to grow alongside your needs as your business progresses. For all your bookkeeping and accounting needs, contact us today for a financial system unique to your new business.

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