Bookkeeping Portland Oregon

Bookkeeping Portland Oregon

All About Businesses provides bookkeeping services for Portland, Beaverton, Tigard, Hillsboro, Salem and the surrounding area including  Vancouver Washington.

  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Bank and credit card/s reconciliation
  • Month-end and year-end closing
  • Work with any Merchant Service
  • Payroll
  • Collections
  • Preparation of financial statements and business specialty reports
  • QuickBooks clean-up for established businesses
  • QuickBooks set-up for startups
  • QuickBooks training
  • Workflow management and 3rd party app integrations

Advantages of Our Virtual Bookkeeping Services

The Business world is turning more and more to virtual bookkeeping services. That’s no surprise since there are so many advantageous of having a experienced virtual bookkeeper you can trust. If you feel that you are behind on everything else and your books aren’t getting done, you might need a bookkeeper!

Let’s take some time to look at some advantages of having All About Businesses bookkeeping service

1. It’s cheaper than having an in-house bookkeeper which costs on average $40,000+ in wages, along with the payroll taxes, worker’s comp, health insurance and other benefits that add to the expense. You will also have to pay for training. Another expense that you can avoid is the cost of hiring, the time and cost that goes into reading through countless resumes, calling potential bookkeepers and calling their references or suffering through employee turnovers. Our virtual bookkeepers are contractors not employees so this is a nice advantage for you.

2. Never worry about employee turnover or absences. This puts strain on your business when you have to hire again or have an absence. By outsourcing your bookkeeping, it is our responsibility to make sure the work gets done every day, every week and every month. This is a great advantage for you.

3. More time freed up to focus on what you do best. A Business owner cannot get back time once it’s gone. Bookkeeping takes up valuable time. Is your to do list growing? Do you keep getting distracted making it stressful to get your tasks completed? When you outsource your bookkeeping, you free up time that would be better used to grow the business. Imagine the peace you will have by eliminating one thing that takes so much time, what an advantage for you.

4. Better financial understanding so you can plan for growth. You need to maintain a bottom line profit with steady growth. You will also need a solid business plan if you don’t already have one. This takes time to plan and implement. This is impossible to do without solid financial reports. You must have properly done your bookkeeping to know how to plan for growth. An advantage of using our virtual bookkeeping service can assist you in fundraising, getting investment, getting loans, and business planning.

5. Never miss a payment or pay late fees. How much aggravation has it caused you to have invoices and bills not go out on time? If your invoicing gets delayed your cash flow suffers. If bills are late and you get behind it will cost needless money in fines. Collection calls and notices start. Vendor discounts are lost. Time and money spent dealing with shut off notices. Vendors are starting to get upset which strains your relationship. A great advantage of having a virtual bookkeeper is you shouldn’t miss a payment.

6. You are still in control and the boss. Even though you cannot physically see your virtual bookkeeper working, you are still the captain of your own ship. Your payments are approved by you. You determine how and when to interface with clients and vendors. What an advantage to receive regular financial reporting that helps you run your business and make informed decisions.

7. Pay as you need help and your business grows. When you outsource your bookkeeping services, you have the option to expand your services based on your needs. Sometimes you may be really busy and need more help and sometimes you might just need a little bookkeeping help. Or when your business grows, you may have to keep track of some new things. Another reason might be that it’s your busy season and you need more help than normal. We stand ready to accommodate whatever you may need. This gives you the advantage of paying only when work is being done, something that an in-house Bookkeeper cannot provide to you.

8. Having bookkeeping expertise at your fingertips when you have a question. All About Businesses has over 10 years of experience. We have knowledge in non-profits, construction, service related businesses, retail, wholesale and much more. You can get expert advice whenever you need it, an advantage you wouldn’t normally have.

9. No more complicated payroll. Stay compliant and on top of all your filings for state and federal agencies. You must file correctly or you will get penalties and interest. It’s so easy to make a payroll mistake if you are not careful. You can count on us to stay on top of new tax laws related to payroll. We will file all of your payroll taxes and make the needed changes to personnel. Eliminating the headache of payroll is invaluable and a clear advantage to you.

There are so many more advantages to working with a virtual bookkeeper. These are just nine reasons to show you how you can save valuable time and money. Keep your sanity by outsourcing your bookkeeping and payroll duties. Bookkeeping doesn’t have to be a cumbersome and expensive part of running a business. Make it easier, call Allison for bookkeeping services at 661-302-1611.

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