Benefits of a Virtual Bookkeeper

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Considering hiring a virtual bookkeeper or looking to learn more about what they do? Here is why we find a virtual bookkeeper to be beneficial!

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Often when a business is growing, the owner is not ready to bring someone in to handle the accounting full-time. Plus, no one likes doing the bookkeeping part of their business. Hiring a virtual bookkeeper is the perfect solution for business owners who are looking for more time to focus on running their business. Leave the books up to a virtual bookkeeper you can trust, and you’ll gain control over your business finances.

What is a Virtual Bookkeeper?

A virtual bookkeeper is an accounting professional who provides bookkeeping services from a remote location. These services are completed outside of your business, typically from the bookkeeper’s office or home. There is a handful of bookkeeping software that makes it possible for you and your bookkeeper to share an account, or multiple!

While some people might not understand the concept of working with a bookkeeper they do not work with in-person, there are benefits to hiring a virtual bookkeeper. Are you wondering how you are going to communicate with your virtual bookkeeper? These days, it’s easy! Consultations and monthly reviews are often scheduled through video chat. There are multiple easy-to-use video options, such as Zoom. Also, by using email and phone calls, communication becomes consistent between a virtual bookkeeper and business owners. In some cases, virtual bookkeepers plan to meet with business owners in person. This style of staying in contact with your bookkeeper saves you money & valuable space at your office.

Here are five benefits of hiring a virtual bookkeeper we see having an advantage over hiring one on-site:

1 – Unbiased Opinions

A bookkeeper working directly in your accounting books may have a personal bias in the involvement of your business. When you choose to hire a virtual bookkeeper, they are typically someone from outside of your business. This gives them an unbiased opinion which creates a fresh perspective on your financials. While an on-site bookkeeper may become used to the software you have been using previously, a virtual bookkeeper looks at your business books with a fresh pair of eyes. This helps any unintentional errors or mistakes get caught and fixed.

2 – Save Budget on Overhead Costs

If you currently have an in-house bookkeeper, we can bet you are paying for their payroll, payroll taxes, an office desk, supplies, and maybe even some employee benefits. You can throw those expenses out the window by choosing to hire a virtual bookkeeper! With a virtual bookkeeper, you only pay for the hours they work. Whether you choose to use their services daily, weekly, or annually, you only pay for what you use.

3 – Get Started Immediately

By choosing to work with a virtual bookkeeper, you can get started as early as the day of your consultation. Virtual bookkeepers have the skills, materials, and experience it takes to get accounting services ready for a business owner whenever they are ready. This can become beneficial for businesses who are in desperate need to getting caught up. Are your books currently unorganized? We get it! Virtual bookkeepers are there for you to get your books in order in a timely manner.

4 – Expert Professionals

Yes, handing your bookkeeping work to a junior accountant will save you costs. But what is their experience level? While some may think bookkeeping is simply entering numbers into a spreadsheet, there is much more to it. It’s important the bookkeeping done for your business is done correctly. When you hire a virtual bookkeeper, your business accounting is managed by someone with experience. Now you can have the numbers done right the first time!

5 – More Time for You

We can assume as a business owner you are wearing many hats in order to get your business running how you dreamed. Let a virtual bookkeeper take some time off your hands and manage the bookkeeping for you. Now your business accounting is being handled by someone else and you can pursue what you are passionate about. Finally, you can spend time focusing on growing your business.

So, is a virtual bookkeeper right for your business? We recommend considering your business’ goals and available resources when asking yourself this question. It’s important to do your research when it comes to choosing the best virtual bookkeeper for your company. Feel free to give us a call at 503-405-9466 if you have any questions. Our virtual bookkeepers will have all the answers you are looking for!

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