Payroll Management in Portland

All About Businesses has over a decade of experience handling payroll for small businesses.

Online Small Business Payroll

The staff at All About Businesses are eager to help you and your business succeed. To make your life a little easier, we offer payroll services, taking care to calculate and distribute your employee’s earnings. In our years of experience, we’ve worked with all types and sizes of businesses and are equipped to deal with multiple payment options. When you work with us, we will take the time to understand your individual business and its goals, working to achieve them. Call today and we can schedule a free* consultation.

A Stress-Free Process for any Industry

Hiring a professional bookkeeper to manage your payroll will take a huge load off your shoulders. We can manage certified payroll, prevailing wage payroll, and other types of payroll options. Our dedicated team always makes sure that all amounts being paid are accurate, and on time. Your employees will be happy, and you’ll be relieved to have more time to focus on your company!

Types of Payment:

Whether you choose to employ weekly, biweekly, or monthly payments, All About Businesses will stay on track of your payroll and distribute it as needed. We handle all types of payments, such as:

  • Print checks
  • Direct deposit
  • Pay Cards

Types of Payroll:

Our bookkeepers deal with many different types of payroll. Some of our most common include:

  • Certified payroll – Certified payroll is used most often by contractors and is a weekly payroll report required when working on a federally funded project. Other examples of companies who use this type of payroll include cleaning, electrical, painting, and plumbing work, or any type of company working on a federal project.
  • Prevailing wage payroll – Prevailing wages are the wages required for employers to pay their workers. Commonly confused with minimum wage, prevailing wage differs in the sense that it changes on geographical location, type of labor, and the type of job performed.
  • Payroll reports – A payroll report is used to view tax liabilities such as pay rates, hours worked, overtime, vacation balances, and more. They’re used so employers can closely track their employee’s earnings and make sure that all is in order. Our bookkeepers at All About Businesses will provide you with regular reports, letting you always stay in the know.

All About Businesses offers a wide range of bookkeeping and accounting services, as well as financial consultations. From providing tax advice to managing accounts payable, we can set up a customized plan for your business built around your needs. Whether you’d like us to manage all your bookkeeping, help with clean-up, or simply just help you prepare for an upcoming tax season, we’re here to help.

Contact us today at (503) 405-9466 and we’ll set you up with an individual bookkeeper who can listen to your goals and set a plan to achieve them into motion. At All About Businesses in Portland, Oregon, your success is our top priority!

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